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Garfield's Rescue, Inc. strives to make a difference one cat at a time - Published 5/14/2020, Rappahannock Record, Page B12

'Blessing' is rescued and recuperating - Published 6/11/2020, Rappahannock Record, Page A11

Blessing's Rescue Story - Published 7/1/2020, News On The Neck

Garfield's Rescue Inc. legally practices TNR  - Published 6/18/2020,  Rappahannock Record , Page A03

Cats in need of 'furever' home following tragedy - Published 9/03/2020, Rappahannock Record, Page B02      

GRI receives Athletes for Animals grant - Published 11/19/2020, Rappahannock Record, Page A12

Little Blessing is doing well  - Published 7/23/2020, Rappahannock Record, Page A12

Cat Rescue Support - Published 7/30/2020, Rappahannock Record, Page B07

Garfield's Rescue reports successes - Published 1/14/2021, Rappahannock Record , Page A09

A great first year for Garfield’s Rescue  - Published 1/28/2021,  News On The Neck

Garfield Rescue: A Tail of Community - published 2/5/2021, Chesapeake Bank Blog

GRI seeks 'gently-used merchandise' for auction - Published 3/4/2021, Rappahannock Record, Page A05

Garfield's Rescue Needs Your Help - Published 3/2021, Northern Neck Sentinel, Page 28

GRI welcomes the spring kitten season - Published 3/18/2021, Rappahannock Record, Page A08

Welcome Spring And Kitten Season - Published 4/2021, Northern Neck Sentinel, Pages 26 & 27

Kittens Galore - Published 5/2021, Northern Neck Sentinel, Page 26

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month - Published 6/3/2021, Rappahannock Record , Page C03

Garfield's Rescue Inc. and Mittens visit Commonwealth Senior Living at Kilmarnock - Published 7/1/2021, Rappahannock Record, Page C03

Making a Difference on the Northern Neck, One Cat at a Time - Published July 2021,  Chesapeake Style Magazine  Page 4

Volunteers With Garfield's Rescue, Inc (GRI) and 14-Year Old Mittens, Visit to Commonwealth Senior Living In Kilmarnock - Published July 2021, Northern Neck Sentinel, Page 27

GRI Launches 'A Home for the Holidays Campaign' - Published 7/22/21, Rappahannock Record, Page C33

Special Needs Cats are Truly Special - Published August 2021, Chesapeake Style Magazine, Page 16

Garfield's Rescue Inc. Fundraising Campaign: "A Home for the Holidays" - Published August 2021, Northern Neck Sentinel, Page 27

A Rough Start Ends Well - Published September 2021, Chesapeake Style Magazine, Page 7

Teaching Cats New Tricks - Published October 2021, Chesapeake Style Magazine, Page 7

Don't be spellbound: Black cats represent love and luck - Published 10/28/21, Rappahannock Record, Page A05

November is Adopt a Senior Cat Month - Published 11/10/21, Rappahannock Record, Page A07

Building Homes for Homeless Cats - Published November 2021, Chesapeake Style Magazine, Page 20

Foster a Feline Friend - Published March 2022, Northern Neck Sentinel, Page 28

Garfield’s Rescue helped save nearly 400 felines in 2021 - Published 3/2/22, News On The Neck

Garfield's Rescue, Inc. urges folks to foster a feline friend - Published 3/3/22, Rappahannock Record, Page A14

Cat Cafes - Published April/May 2022, Chesapeake Style Magazine, Page 31


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